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    Mary, Both the radiologist I saw and the Endo said I was too “young” (I’m 33) to
    opt for RAI so soon. The Endo said I had two things in my favor for remission:
    1)a small thyroid and 2) getting this postpartum. Both are supposed to make me
    a likely candidate for eventually be okay. I was basically told to tough it out for at least six months.
    (Easier said than done). In fact, I’ve heard “six months” used by everyone I’ve seen and now
    I’m wondering…is it six months from the day I started treatment or six months from the moment
    they say “six months” again????

    I like Pamela’s message about treatment in Germany…if I had RAI, I would take it as a vacation! On days when I’m feeling my worst, I find myself
    singing the old Ramone’s song, “Get me to an airport, put me on a plane, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry,
    before I go insane…I, I, I, I wanna be sedated!!” ;-) Glynis

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