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      Goodness almost anything can happen. If the RAI dose wasn’t big enough you could
      still be hyperactive. I went from hypo (actually Hashimotos)
      (gained enough weight to be 250 lbs at 5’3″) to Graves (down to 120 lbs)
      so don’t pray for hypo and being being calm. I thought being hypo was
      actually worse than Graves. Took RAI and one of my docs said “by the way,
      you WILL gain back all the weight.” I’ve gained 30 lbs in 2 yrs and work
      out 7 hrs/week. Too low too long and you can have LOTS of complications
      (Diabetes is a possibility. Insulin shots are so fun!) So don’t think
      calm is good. Good luck in your choice. I “chose” (was talked into) RAI
      but now am not sure of what would have been best. If I did it over I might
      have taken the pills but the folks on this BB seem to have lost of
      complications and symptoms with the pills too. No Graves is best!!

        Post count: 93172

        I never realized how many other people actually suffer from this disease. I am currently 18 years
        old. I was diagnosed just after my 16 birthday, because I fainted in school. It turns out that my heart rate was anywhere from
        150-200 beats per minute. My life has changes 100% since the diagnosis. I have had 2 radioactive iodine treatments. The second finally destroyed
        most of my thyroid. I am now happily taking synthroid once a day. I also had the weight gain instead of weight loss. I wasn’t very happy about it,
        but you get what you get. In some aspects, this disease has ruined my life. I’d like to hear more about all of you! I can be reached at:

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