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      Dear Lynda, Please share what alternatives you have heard about. I am on Tapazole 3 wks and doing better but… I’m willing to make the extra effort.Thanks, Jeannette

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        First of all ,if you’re not allergic to Tapazole take it. Just a personal opinion.
        Did you realize that the head of the Arizona University Medcial Department has come out to sat that only 20% of
        diseases can actually be treated by doctors, yet the other 80% is still being bandaided by innefective treatments.
        I don’t claim to know what’s what, but that made me look into alternative methods.

        One thing to consider is: Do you have allergies? Allergies can be linked to Thyroid disorders simply because
        they are an autoimmune disorder. Alergies have a K cell which goes crazy when eg: milk enters your body.
        and because of this they feel they have to kill the intruder (like your body fighting off a cold). The theory is out there
        that the K cell can attack the thryroid because of allergies that make it mafunction.

        Second, Your thyroid is a gland and very very sensitive to upset. One treatent that has worked very well for me
        is a meditation treatment I’ve done with my naturopathic doctor. He says that various upsets in our life trigger
        glands to go offf key. Death, divorce, loss are difficult to deal with and when our body gets a shock like that ,
        something must be affected. The meditation has worked for me because it makes me feel balanced, and simply,
        who couldn’t use a break from that high pulse? Bascially the meditation makes you get body back to a balanced

        Now the treatment I found most interesting is the one my Chiropractor used. She has been in remmision for three
        years. I envy her. She went to a doctor who did blood analysis. He took a sample of blood, and sent to a lab that
        specializes in this. He Created a diet for her of things that she should and should not eat and some quantities.
        She has followed that diet since then and has been completely balanaced. No under active no over active.
        I’m looking into it right now. I’ll keep you posted.

        I’m working on a few others right now and I’m not ready to give in to RAI which is FYI a 50year od treatement they still
        haven’t figured out. Well, I’ve typed too much probably but please remember that this disease has no cures and
        your only answer is knowledge.

        By the way the typing is bad because my hand is in a splint.


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