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      Hate to answer your question with a question but
      Liver Effects from Tapazole? – this is the first I’ve heard
      of it. I was planning to go for the next couple years on
      tapazole – I didn’t know there was a negative effect except
      for the white blood cell risk of dropping. I’ve enclosed
      your initial query for reference…

      Hi. I was diagnosed with Graves a year ago September 1996. I’ve been on several
      courses of tapazole which so far have not put me into remission. I have some
      questions based on things which have been shared on the BB. What is ADT? If RAI is
      done, is there any long-term impact on the salivary glands. Someone mentioned having
      to suck on candy to get the juices flowing after RAI. In mid stream, I’ve had a change
      in endos. The new one seems to base her recommendations largely on statistics. I’m
      concerned about what she actually knows about Graves and will be talking to her
      more tomorrow. She is strongly recommending RAI because of the potential liver
      side-effects of Tapazole. Thanks for your help!

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