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      Oh, Barb! I just have to respond on the BB for this one. I can see
      that you’re hurting right now. You seem angry and frustrated at the
      whole idea of prolonged treatment and trying to return to your normal
      life before Graves’. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but
      the emotional and physical rollercoaster DOES get better for most
      people! (I say most because I know that there are those rare folks out
      there that have to deal with Graves’ related problems every day of
      their lives.)

      I think that doctors should take the “wait and see” approach when
      dealing with Graves’. I know it prolongs some of the symptoms and
      personal problems, but they shouldn’t be recommending surgeries and
      aggressive treatments when the symptoms could easily burn out on their
      own with time. We certainly don’t want doctors to be pushing for
      decompression on every patient that has proptosis. I know that that’s
      an extreme example, but there is hope out there for some of the
      symptoms to disappear on their own. “Wait and see” seems punishing,
      but I’d rather have it that way than see the rise in unnecessary
      surgeries or other treatments.

      As for you, it sounds like decompression is probably the way to go.
      I went through the succession of three surgeries that you speak of,
      and my life HAS returned to normal (whatever that is!). It was a
      tough summer, but I returned to teaching in the fall feeling like a
      new person. Life seemed grand again, and it will for you too someday.
      Hang in there, little warrior. The waiting game is no fun, I agree.
      Positive thinking, laughter, hugs, and understanding is what you
      need right now. One day at a time, Barb. You’ll make it through,
      I just know it! :)

      Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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