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      Inspriation for the Day: I use this to keep the “blues” from getting to me:
      It goes like this:

      When things happen to us, it is often difficult to let them go, particularly when the evil was prolonged…Even single incidents can linger on in our memories, stirring anger and perhaps confirming our belief that life is unfair or filled with disappointments.
      Obsession with the past wrongs and even our own failure can work for or against us. Yes, it can cripple us, it can bring us down and hold us there. It can also drive us to work channel our efforts to help others… Seeing the good in life enables us to do .. (positive) things. Let’s acknowledge the good and live for it, search for it always.

      Reference: Black Pearls: Daily Meditations, Affirmations, and Inspirations for African Americans. By Eric V.(1993)
      My friend is a Social worker from my old JC who helped me before I found this great place!

      Have a good Day. Ann N

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