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      Hi Liz

      My email is:

      I also have gained weight. I was overweight to begin with. I feeling very well with taking
      synthroid and my TSH is 1.58 ( supposedly normal ). I have energy and I sleep very well.
      I am starting an exercise program for myself and a weigh and measure of food. I have just
      started so I have no results yet. I would very much like to correspond on my email.
      I work for a university. My Graves was discovered by accident last November 1995.
      I had RAI in January of 1996, hypothyroid by April and I had a HELL of a summer. I
      was very sick, I not only had the Graves to battle – I had Lymes Disease besides (
      that is an illness caused by a tick). Everything started turning around about
      September 1996. My only problem is the weight. Graves Disease is hereditary in
      my family ( my father’s side ).

      Please keep in touch.

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