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      Hi Jan,
      Thanks for responding. I don’t recall being told by my endo that PTU(Tap) could cause liver damage if taken more than 2 YEARS. But I don’t have a good memory either, but how could I have forgotten that if I knew. I’ve been on PTU and then Tap since 1994 when I was diagnosed and just recently am in remission (April). Is there an increased risk of getting liver disease in the future since I took the anti-drugs for almost 4 years? And what would the liver test look like on a blood test result sheet? I went to my doctor last month and got different kinds of blood tests done. Maybe he already did the liver test. How long was this person you talked to on anti-thryoid medication?

      Yes I’m using mIRC to get into chat. You think you can help me? I’d appreciate it. Thank you. Patience

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