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    I was really glad to read the message from Lisa’a mom. One of the big problems
    we run across is support of family members and friends. The NGDF encourages
    spouses, friends and loved ones to come to our support group meetings if we
    have one in your area. If we don’t get on the once a month CHAT with your
    family by your side. Let them ask questions or just read what goes on. Education
    is the key! I have spouses come to my support group meetings and they have
    said after a meeting or two that they thought their spouse was faking it or it
    was all in their head. It has made life easier for them and it can be easier for
    you too. We also have and informal Chat every Sunday and this last week CincyKid
    and his wife were on line togather and it was good to talk to them both.

    Try printing up some of the messages that really hit home to you and the responses
    and if other folks are having the same problems. It will help show you are not
    the only one and it is a part of what is going on in your life.

    on-line facilitator

    Post count: 93172

    Jake, thanks for the comments about family support. When Lisa was going
    through her worst times she told me constantly that I didn’t understand
    how she was feeling. I understand the truth that you can never know exactly
    what another person is living through but you can be supportive by just
    being there. Many nights when she couldn’t sleep and emotions were
    running high we would jump in the car and go for a ride. She later told me
    that she never could have made it without our support. My husband is a
    type I diabetic so I am in the full-time support business! The thing is
    that we supporters need support too. It can be very difficult to watch
    the people you love cope with illness. You are facing this from both
    sides and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    Lisa’s Mom

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