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    Mary – fellow native-Pittsburgher!

    Within about three weeks on the Tapazole, I began losing my hyperness, my
    hands stopped shaking, I got muscle strength back & my heart rate slowed
    down. That was on 30mg/day. But, then they have been fussing with my dosage
    ever since. So, I’ve been up, down, hyper, exhausted, weak, strong, stable,
    shaky… etc. I can’t wait to find a happpy medium.

    Good luck to you on Tapazole. I hope it’sas effective for you as for me!!
    Beware of sore throat & fever!!!

    Hang in there!


    P.S. Who did you cheer for in the big Monday night football game? I hope
    you haven’t lost your loyalty to the Steelers and become a “fish” fan!

    Post count: 93172

    Lisa, I grew up in Pittsburgh and now am in Fla! It was fun to see Pgh there! I am on 40 mg of Tapazole a day – that almost sounds like a lot from what you said! When do you notice it to ease some of the symptoms of Graves? I haven’t noticed a darn difference yet, but I’m sure it’s too early. Since you’ve been on it a month now do you notice it helping? I’ve only been on it a week. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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