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      Thanks to you, too, Dee!


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        According to the “Manual of Ocular Diagnosis and Therapy”-I will give this my best shot. I am home sick today so I have been posting alot. LID LAG is as follows under the thyroid section-
        Key clinical signs and their eponyms:
        1.Lid retraction
        2.Upper lid “lag” on downward gaze
        3.Upper lid resistance to downward retraction
        4.Tremor of closed lids
        5 Infrequent blink
        6.Increased lid pigmentation
        7.Poor convergence
        8.Extraocular muscle palsies

        In addition I will share what is very important also for the eye disease. It is called the Werner Classification of ocular signs of graves disease.

        1.Class O- No abnormalities
        2. Class 1-No symptoms. Signs are lid retraction, stare and proptosis
        3. Class 2-Soft tissues involved. Symptoms are lacrimation, foreign body sensation., extrusion of orbital fat.
        4. Class 3-Proptosis(classes2-6) minimum, 21-33 mm; moderate 24-27 mm; marked 28 mm, or more
        5. Class 4- Extraocular muscle palsy ranges from mild retraction to total fixation of the globe.
        6. Class 5- Corneal involvment is minimum, moderate ulceration, narkedcorneal scarring or perforation.
        7. Class6- There is visual loss secondary to optic nerve involvment, with disk pallo, and visual field defects. Mild loss 20/20-20/60; moderate loss 20/70-20/200; severe loss, 20/200 or less
        I hope this helps everyone. If you haven’t had your eyes checked recently please do!

        Health and happiness,

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          Dear Denise
          Thanks for the information it really helped me,but Denise could you tell me what you would think of your eys disease if they measured 28mm? Just to give me some idea how bad mine are getting.
          Thanks Denise for yor help

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