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      One thing I have noticed with alot of the post on stress is the
      fact that many people lost a loved one or was losing a loved one.
      I had lost someone that could never be replaced, my dad, a year and
      ahalf previous to diagnoses. That along with keeping another very
      hurtful thing bottled up inside was very stressful. If I could go
      back in time I would have handled the situations much differently.
      Instead I became more self destructive.
      We all know that going back in time is not possible, but we are
      able to do the best we can with the here and now.
      Sharon any infomation you can send to me would be appreciated.
      I have always been a very hyperactive type person, I’ve tried
      relaxation tapes, videos etc. I tried meditation but my mind is
      constantly going! I will keep trying until it works for me :-)

      All the best,

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