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      You really shouldn’t hesitate about getting a second opinion after all
      it is your EYES. You deserve to have a healthy life as possible!
      A second opinion will confirm your original diagnosis and give you more confidence in you
      doctor, your diagnosis and overall treatment plan. If you are feeling a
      lack of confidence in your doctor or not getting as ‘well as quickly
      as you expected, a second opinion will help. To insure a fresh
      perspective on your eye problem, consider getting an opinion from
      a different type of doctor who treats similar problems. Be sure
      the consulting doctor has copies of all of your medical records,
      including lab work, diagnostic tests and X-rays, Cat scan and MRI’s.

      After two consultatons, your decision may be clear. If the second opinion is at odds with your medical
      doctor. Ask both physicians to consult on a new medical plan.
      Just remeber life is too short and too sweet to put yourself under stress and live

      Health and Happiness,

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