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      Dear Lesli,
      Hi. I am on Tapazole which started bringing my astronomical numbers right down. Sure feel
      better. What might happen? Don’t know but I am willing to hope and
      be patient( as possible..) Trust my endo very much. answers questions, gives
      me articles to read. Took reading suggestions from me that someone kindly from this board
      e mailed me from U.K. told the doc, probably already aware of this but..
      and he said send me the list. I only take 10mg daily… Improvement
      monitored every 3 weeks now to every month. T-3 came from 2510 down to
      at last check 589 (440 is top of normal). so I am not am not am not normal.
      (Still make jokes, yes!)
      People share alot here. At the top of the board mast it should say..
      These problems don’t happen to 90 % of graves patients.
      You may never need to know lots of the onfo… but because the people who “earned-learned” are so is the
      rare complication info. It is scary because unknowns are scary. I can
      read about what others are dealing with, and remember I only have to deal with what I
      have got going… everyone here will want you to be an easy normal
      treatment of your choice. some folks have developed strong experiential
      preferences. this is a place where you can talk about what you learn and what you
      fear. Hard questions, hard answers. Lots of people wishing you well.
      Bye for now. i would have e-mailed you if you had put in your address. jeannete

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