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      So Trish blows in on a breeze…sounds hard to come back. Can we each take turns going for the month?
      missed your energy, you must have been really something all slept in and weel fed and wow! Hang on to the
      glow…find a way.

      Kitty, I am just wondering if that food lists I printed in the letter about red food coloring
      ( that was today I think) might have anything to do with your setbacks?

      Steve, how long ago was your RAI? Itching sounds hyper… that article
      also talks about the period of intense thyroiditis that can follow RAI
      therapy, where large quantities of stored hormone are released. If you
      were not brought first to a euthyroid state( and then taken off the
      drugs 3-5 days preceding RAI )it says that you could go through this
      process for as long as four to six months. That sure sounds like the
      experience lots of you describe here. This doc suggest resumption of
      antithyroid drugs to shorten the adjustment period post RAI,( short of
      going Hypothyroid, which is also thought to be hard on your eyes as well as other living parts.)
      But itching was definitely a hyper symptom for me.

      This particular article ( the reference is in the Red FOod dye posts)
      also has a good discussion of PTU and methimaziole differences including comments on nursing moms and pregnancy.
      And states that the overall liklihood of sustained remission after a
      12 month course of antithyroid therapy is approximately 55%.

      Well, if i type anymore i will jhave to use DebbyJ’s european spelling suggestions.
      Nite, Jeannette

        Post count: 93172

        hi jeanette,

        i don’t really know what has triggered this, however i am not real
        careful about what i eat. guess i should be. as for the itching, mine
        was terrible for awhile, i couldn’t even stand to go outside in the sun.
        it’s a lot better today, but i still itch. do you have problems with
        shortness of breath and weak muscles? think we’re falling apart?


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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