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      My eye surgion is Dr. David Tse at Bascolm Palmer Eye
      Hospital in Miami. He is also seeing two folks in my support
      group that I have sent to him. I must pass this story on to
      you. My son and I worked a haunted house prior to my decompressions
      and when when we were taking a break this guy walked up to me
      and got right in my face. He said “man your eyes are cool
      how did you get them to bug out like that” I opened my eyes
      even wider than they were and said like what? The poor bugger
      walked away going oh man I’m sorry I thought they were fake.
      We all had a good laugh. Keep up the humor it helps. Let me
      know how you made out. By the way could you find out how many
      milicuries they gave you each time? I’m tring to keep track
      of what a normal dosage is.

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        10 milicuries here, Jake!

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          Dear Jake,
          Great story.
          The last time I had 10m’s. When I get back from the hospital today, I will let you know the new dose.
          Take Care,

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