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      Hiya Daleth! I dont know much about this myself. I was just diagnosed
      a month ago. I am currently on PTU and Propranolol. My endo is going
      to keep me on the PTU for a year and then take me off. We’re hoping
      for remission! She’s decreasing my propranolol now and in 2 more
      weeks I’ll be off it completly! What are you taking and how long are
      you on it so far?? I’m feeling much better now that the meds kicked
      in. But I still have some of the symptoms not as sever though.

      Keep in touch

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        I was just diagnosed with GD. I started having trouble about 1 1/2 yrs
        ago. May initial symptoms included a strange case of acne which
        consisted of tiny little bumps all over my face, chest and back, and
        the onset of post naisle drip and sick green and yellow snot. Both
        these conditions were very different than anything I had ever experienced
        I went to the doctor for a pap-smear and they recommended a high estrogen
        birth control pill (Desogen) which i took for a year. After I began taking
        the pill I found it very hard to run, even though I had been running
        about 4 miles three times a week. The following year was extremley
        stressful for me – more so than I had ever experienced. I went off the
        pill in July of this year. All summer I noticed that I was very hot –
        but I though it was normal. About 1 1/2 months ago by husband noticed
        that my heart was beating very fast and shortly after I was diagnosed
        with GD. I have several questions:

        1. Does anyone know of alternative therapies to the 3 Western Options?

        2. Is it as difficult as it appears to find the right dosage of
        sythetic thyroid hormone for everyone, or do the majority of GD
        people have a relatively easy time with it?

        3. It seems like most people go for I 131 eventually? why not stay on
        Medication instead?

        4. It seems like the I 131 could very easily damage the parathyroid, is
        there a reason to worry about this?

        I don’t know my e-mail adress – Erik is away just now – otherwise I
        would leave it. It has been very helpfull reading what you all have

        Thanks Much, Daleth

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          I have an appointment in 2 weeks to discuss the method of treatment I Want
          to persue – but so far I not on anything. Tomarrow I’ll pick up a perscription
          for beta blockers which will be the first medication that I will be taking.
          I initially passed up the beta blockers because my most irritating problem
          thus far has been over-heating. But now I realize that I would like to be
          able to excercise without my pulse going through the roof. I have developed
          a severe sweet tooth – is this normal?

          Thanks for responding, Daleth

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            Hi Daleth…As for the sweet tooth I really don’t know. I’ve always
            had a sweet tooth, and an everything else tooth too. I have never
            had to watch my weight, but now I can’t even look at food without
            gaining. This all makes me want to eat more and my doctor said I can’t
            start excercising yet. I lost a lot of my muscle tone during the
            past few months, and I cant wait to start working to get it back. Are
            you gaining weight? Do you know what you want to use for medication
            yet? My doctor gave me the option of PTU for a year or the RAI, but
            strongly suggested I try the PTU first. Sometimes I wish I took the
            other route just to have the wait over, but then I would never know
            weather I had a shot at remission. So what other symptoms do you have
            other than the heat intolorance? I had that it was awful! All summer
            long I suffered with it, I thought it was just extra hot. I had weight
            loss, trouble sleeping, tremors, and I was miserable. Tell me about
            yourself, married, children etc..???

            Keep in touch

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              Ah yes Daleth, the sweet tooth was normal for me for a while! Also had a terrific craving for lamb, although I don’t eat much meat.


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