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      Welcome. Your situation sounds similar to mine as
      far as when your illness started. I
      started having symptoms of Graves’ when my daughter
      was 7-8 months old. I did not and still do not
      have a goiter though (6 months later). I am on Tapazole
      (going in
      to see my endo today for the first time since on it).
      Why wouldn’t your job enable you to try anti-
      thyroid meds??? I am trying to avoid the radio
      active iodine treatment if possible. It is safe,
      but I don’t like the idea that I would be radio
      active for any length of time.
      What other symptoms have you had besides the goiter?
      I know how hard it is to have a small child and
      deal with this illness. It just plain sucks!
      Feel free to discuss this with me and welcome.

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        First of all CONGRATS on the new baby, second of all welcome to the board?
        I am fairly new to this board to and did get A LOT of information.
        Keep your chin up
        (don’t be like me LOL)

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          I was diagnosed after my baby was 6 months old. Sounds like we were in similar situations. My advice is not to rush into anything, surgery or RAI. Stay on meds for up to two years and see if your levels will be maintained. I had my thyroid removed two weeks ago and can tell you more about it if your want. E-Mail me at

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            Gayle, I have questions for you… would you please e-mail me at Debbie I have a diabetic daughter who also has graves. Thanks..

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