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      Hi JR! Just wanted to share my experience with eye pain. As the swelling behind my eyes became worse, I experienced more pain. Because they were being pushed out of their sockets, my eyes were getting more exposure to light and air, and they weren’t closing entirely at night. This led to irritation, redness, itchiness, tearing, etc. Not fun! Somedays one eye would hurt more than the other, mostly due to that eye being bigger or more open than the other. If I remember right, you mentioned in earlier posts that you tape your eyes at night. If not, doing that or using some sort of mask and lubricant will help ease some of the pain.

      Jake does a better job of explaining it – see his earlier post on puffy eyes. Also, these bulletins from the NGDF give more info on eyes:

      bulletin #6 “Eye Changes with Graves’ Disease – Continuing Concepts”
      bulletin #10 “Dry Eyes”
      bulletin #28 “Dry Eyes, Watery Eyes, Itching Eyes”
      bulletin #11 “A Letter From Your Eye Doctor”

      Lots of good info and answers!
      Take Care, Debby

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        One month after RAI I developed corneal abrasions in both of my eyes. Now with my levels up and down I’m having pain in my eye again. Not only do my eyes protrude, my lids are swollen and the water constantly. I notice that my perpherial vision seen very bright but not as crips as it should be. Has anyone else had this problem?

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          It’s important that you see an opthamologist who treats patients with
          Grave’s disease. You are experiencing problems that need to be treated.
          There are things that can be done to treat the symptoms and you have to
          be monitored to make sure nothing more serious develops. The NGDF refers
          to opthamologist familiar with these problems. If you need more info let
          me know.


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