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      Read the notes from Jon and Vickie asking questions about thyroid
      levels. My understanding is this. Different labs use different reference
      indexes for what is considered normal v. abnormal. There are a wide
      variety of immunoassay tests done. Depends entirely the reference
      the lab is using as to what you may be told are normal ranges when
      compared to your own blood work. In general, if your TSH is low or
      suppressed and the T3 & T4 are elevated beyond what is considered
      normal for the reference lab indexes being used, you’re considered to
      to be hyperthyroid. However, TSH suppression can be caused by alot
      of different things so it really is incumbent upon the whole clinical picture,
      and not just isolated lab values. My TSH remains nearly untectable even
      after having received two doses of RAI (15 & 24millicuries). I started out
      taking 125 micrograms of thyroid replacement a year ago, and based
      upon the continued TSH suppression (low or untectable serum TSH),
      my endo keeps adjusting the dose down. I am now on 50 mcg. of thyroid
      replacement and if my situation doesn’t change, I expect the dose to
      be reduced even further at my next appointment. Hope this helps clarify
      a little bit.

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