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    I agree that female doctors seem to do better with this disease and
    listening in general. I have told most people I know this numerous times.
    We have two new endo’s in town and both are women. I see two male doctors
    one is my eye surgeon and he is excellent. He is the man I call for referrals
    for you all. My internist is a man and he also is very good about listening
    to you. The third in my endo and she also excellent. I have to drive 60
    miles one way to see my endo, 200 miles one way to see my eye surgeon and the
    internist is local. I thank God every day I have found good doctors but
    like I said in an earlier message there are gems among the stones you just
    have to look. I am also very glad I found the NGDF and it’s support
    structure. Thank all of you for letting us know we are not alone and
    providing a sounding board and some humor. I will be talking to Archie
    and Annette today to see how the CHAT room is coming. They have had
    some techincal difficulties.


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