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      Joan: Your comment about the daily 800 calories and daily exercise
      is exacly what I experienced beginning with my taking RAI. (I did 1-2 hrs/day at first. I do one or more now.)
      Take a look at the “The Thyroid Sourcebook” by M. Sara Rosenthal. This is
      a pretty good book. It also says that you only need about half
      the calories you normally would-until you are stable or at least within
      the normal range-TSH level wise that is. (After two years we are still adjusting my Synthroid dose though.)
      Beacuse we are diabetics too there are a lot
      of other factors to consider. With insulin, if your blood sugar is in the normal range,
      you might ask your doctor if you can cut back the insulin since you are
      exercising and watching the calories. There is more freedom these days,
      between doctors and letting patients self adjust, than there was just 3 yrs ago.
      Remember is doesn’t take much food to bring up that sugar. Do you know about the DCCP trials?
      The American Diabetes Association has a web site. Get their magazine. It is very good. You key to control
      is frequent (that means 4-10 times per day) blood glucose monitoring, diet and exercise. Get a nutritionist if
      you haven’t done so yet. The ADA says that a diabetic diet would be good
      for anyone and I believe it. Balance is the most important thing. Diets
      that are not balanced are rotten for diabetics. Cut the calories but keep the balance.
      I wish there was a magic diet. I’d be first in line. Did you already know all this?
      Sorry there is just hard work and no magic. Know that you are not alone. I am thankful too for this BB.

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