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      My doctor worked with prisoners a lot and we talked about that the other day, he said that thyroid problems and especially the associated depression and mood swings definetely are a factor in many murders.

      Not that people with Graves’ are murderers but this mostly points out how important it is to recognize and do something about depression.


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        You’re wondering about this topic: Here in the Detroit area is where a straight man murdered a gay man after the Jenny Jones talk show surprised the straight man with the fact that a gay acquaintance of his had a crush on him. Jenny Jones testified today in Oakland Co court, & some of it was televised. She was asked if she was aware that the straight guy was suffering from bipolar disease & Graves disease.

        I was pretty miffed that they were intimating that Graves could be a factor in the murder. We had better make it clear that the mood swings of Graves doesn’t mean that we lose our rules of living. I am outraged that this conextion has been made. I think we should make it plain that we are not murderers waiting for a trigger to set us off. (Come to think of it, it is bad press for Royal Oak or Hazel park or whatever burg it happened in) Karen

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