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    Hi, Bobbi, it was kind of you to respond. I’d never heard of graves til
    II was diagnosed. Thought of my mother’s illness as a thyroid prob. That was back in the 60’s.
    It was hard when I first got diagnosed. I was already stressed ( you knew this part of the story
    without asking, right?) so to hear I had what my mom had was strange.
    But I have bounced back, don’t feel jeopardized by her plight. It has furhter increased my retroactive compassion for her. I think it was all the people writing about being victims of graves that prompted me to write about it. We aren’t victims, we are survivors.
    not that I want to take away anyone’s place to let their hair (however much of it they may or may not have) down. Nor am i unwilling to listen and empathize, but it is important how we think about ourselves.
    Again, thanks for your word. Jeannette

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