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      Sounds VERY interesting. I will go to our local Barnes & Nobel and see if they can get it.
      Wonder if this has anything to do with weight too? Read anything about
      that yet? (I am usually 1-2 degres low and am 50% Irish but
      also 50% Hispanic. Those Hispanic genes also put me in the high risk category
      for other auto-immune stuff like diabetes. Those of you who are African-American or
      Native-American should also be alert to the high risk factor for diabetes. Any of
      you who have had Hashimotos (the opposite end of Graves-very, very low thyroid levels)
      low and put on the pounds, will probably see the importance of how this
      all seems to inter-relate. I agree with an earlier post that hypo was certainly
      harder than hyper-though I know this is very individual.

      This BB has the best info. You folks know and are willing to share more than most MDs.

      An ancient Native-American saying is: A person’s wealth is not measured by how much
      they possess but by how much they give away. You are all very wealthy.


      (formerly signing JRJones)

        Post count: 93172

        Dear Julie, Yes, weight gain is one of the symptoms (inappropriate weight gain)and he discusses it at length. Jeannette

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