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      Came from my endo today. I asked him why there is a higher remission rate in Japan, but not in Japanese living in America. He said, many factors like diet (much more seafood, therefore iodine, or genetic) He said it was kind of hard to know why, because of course I want to increase my chances of remission with ptu. I was thinking at first it couldn’t be genetic, because Japanese in America have an American response. Now, it also occurs to me, how big was the sample of Japanese living in America, and it could also still be genetic, with triggers linked to American diet. Japanese women eat far more soybean products, more fish and fish oil, and have very low breast cancer rates. Soybeans have been linked to healty breasts. GD has a hormonal link…where to go from here with that info? Any budding med students want to do a study? I’ll have a dish of cereal with soymilk, please. For Pam, both antithyroid meds act in the same way. My doc gives PTU because he worked with the doctor who invented/developed Ptu in the 1950’s. He said that he worked with the guy in the late 70’s, and then took over his practice. He cut my PTU dose in half today, and said that my thyroid was already much smaller, a good sign he said for remission. ‘Funny, I’ve felt so good for the first time in many years (not feeling bad just from GD now)taking the PTU, that I was kind of disappointed that I have to cut down on it! But of course, that emotion lasted a short time and reason began to modify it toward a ready to continue with the next step mode. Karen

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