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      Happy Birthday, Jan!!

      I believe this is a good time to let you know how much I appreciate what
      you and Jake have produced here on the bb. For me, it has been a life
      saver. The unknown has become known–and as it has been said here (and other
      places) knowledge is power. It has enabled me to cope and to come up with
      questions to ask my drs. that I wouldn’t have had a clue to begin to ask.

      Have a wonderful day…..and hope you are feeling better ASAP!!


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        You have been blessed by having such a good wife for so many years.

        You said Jan could use some cheering up because she has a cold and
        that today is her birthday. You also indicated that you have been busy between work, the BB and Scouts.

        I think that what you wrote shows that there is more to life than having Graves’ Disease. Life is not a dress rehersel for the real thing to come along, this is it, today. This is a perfect time for you to show your wife how much you appreciate her.

        The gift of our time by being romantic and a good listener to see if our spouses needs are being met too, I think would make a wonderful gift.

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          So nice of Jake to give you a cold for your
          birthday. Please don’t stop posting when Jake
          resumes his BB duties. Your posts are full of
          hope and encouragement! Happy Birthday,
          Warrior Supporter!!!

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