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      I have heard alot about Guar gum and would like to hear more. My wife is
      diabetic and I have hypoglycemia. My wife uses vitamins and it has cut her
      need for as much insulin as she has taken in the past. I just get “concerned”
      when I hear alt meds and cure.

      Thanks for the info.


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        I’ve talked to three doctors about Guar Gum. In clinical tests it helps lower the sugar level in type II diabetes. I know that I cannot “cure” graves disease and that’s what I wasn’t trying to do.
        The pains that I have are from the sugar levels being too high. It also explains the pain in the eye thing.(my eyes, not yours).. Yes, people with Graves do have eye pain, but so do people who have diabetes. I also have an unexplained problem with cold sores which has been
        there since I was young. I had never had a cold sore go away so fast. My brother and his son also have this peculiar problem. By the way, the roof of my mouth? It’s completely healed now and I can eat..finally!
        My mother commented that I finally can walk straight. I am not having any pains in my back..and like others who have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) I’m ususally in constant pain 24/7. I’m very happy with myself considering that the doctors
        said that I wouldn’t be walking after 30 years old. I’m surviving because I want to live.
        It’s really easy for people who are like me, who can’t lose a pound to become diabetic. An I know it’s really hard for people with Graves to lose that weight. I just want to control the diabetes for right now..

        Ann N.

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