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      Jake, please don’t quit doing what you do or thinking what you think. I for one am very facinated by others points of views and unique out-looks on life. Please keep it up.

      Wishing you well, Fancy

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        Hi All!!!

        Just wanted to ask a question. Has anyone else had a problem with
        radio commercials while riding in the car? I just got back from
        lunch and was driving through an intersection when I heard tires
        skreeching, horns blaring and cars crashing. My adrenelen went into
        overdrive and I started to take evasive action for something I could
        not see or know where it came from. Next thing I know I hear some
        idiot on the radio saying “Have you been in an accident! If you have
        been injured due to another call XXX law firm” I have half a mind
        (no pun intended) to call the law firm to see if I could sue them
        for mental duress for almost making me crash my car listening to their
        crash on the radio. I will call the law firm and tell them what I think
        of their commercial. Just wondering!!!


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          Ditto — and it “ticks” me off. Also doorbells and telephones on TV
          commercials. The doorbells not only tick me off, but they set off
          Brandy, our Chocolate Lab. Go for it, Jake. Let the stupid law firm
          have a piece of your mind.

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            WHOA! I thought that it was just me! I also have trouble with country
            music….I love country music, but there is some instrument that sounds
            like a siren…makes me jump every time….Carolyn

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