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    Hi Kendra!

    It takes time for not only the patient, but the family (especially hubby) to get
    used to the idea of a chronic illness, doesn’t it? My husband and I both had
    to adjust to Crohn’s disease shortly after we were married. It took alot of time
    and patience for both of us but one thing I noticed is that my attitude made
    a huge effect on diminishing or lessening his fears. All our family wants is to
    fix it. When they can’t fix it they become frustrated, fearful and angry (just as we
    do at times). In other words, the calmer and more rational I became, the calmer and
    more rational he became.
    Now another illness with no cure for us. First thing I did was print out the
    FAQ section from the NGDF home page. That helped him alot, I think he’s read
    it five times. He is also going along on the doctor app’ts. That way he can
    hear from the horse’s mouth…adds credibilty rather than me just reporting. He
    is participating and this helps him feel he has some control. Control, or rather the feeling of control is
    important in coping.
    Prayer is another major help. Joining a prayer group with weekly meetings can
    strengthen your faith and those you pray with. Praying for others is service to
    others and always brings peace. I know many of us on this BB have a strong
    faith that has carried us through much in the past and will continue to strengthen
    us. My guess is we all pray for each other!
    God bless.

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