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      Hi Ann,
      I only have the Graves but I have seen the effects of Diabetes first hand
      my brother came down with it when he was 16 and my sister with in the
      same year she was 21 they both are insulin dependent for years I felt guilty
      and questioned why they had it and I didn’t my father told me it was all my fault
      that they got it heavey trip to put on an 18 yr. old. I love them both dearly and would
      do any thing for them . My sister has a good hold on hers and is doing well but she was
      just diagnosed with parkinsons disease recently. My brother is haveing major trouble with
      digestive system and basically he is starving to death he lost his job and they don’t
      consider him dissabled so he can’t get the help or medicine he needs he is one of my
      best friends in life we were always very close growing up I will do what ever I can to
      help him and pray for him. I am fortunate to only have the Graves its not so bad when
      I see and hear of others battleing with other Diseases like Diabetes.
      My heart goes out to you and prayers that things will be better for you and remember
      that there are people who care . I have been checking the Diabetes sites and gathering
      information for my brother and sister I pray that things will get better.
      Take care and keep in mind that people do care I send you a hug.
      Deanna in Wishon

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