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      Well, the time has finally come! I’m scheduled for RAI on 2/l7.
      I’m told to stop Tapazole l week ahead – that makes me a little
      nervous as I dread the hyper stuff to return. Does it full force
      when one is going to do this procedure? Then I will go back on
      Tapazole for a few weeks; just until the RAI has time to begin to
      take effect. But, I swear – this is my 40th year and everything is
      breaking! Have had back problems for a few weeks now and now after a
      major episode I have numbness at the top of one leg and down to the
      heal. I know this means a trip to a back doctor and an MRI – hmm, life
      begins at 40; I’m no so sure!!

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        Good luck to you! As to the question about whether the symptoms will come back “full force”. I think we are all different, but they didn’t with me. It was more of a gradual thing, which peaked about one week after RAI and then continued to go down. In my case, they “handled” the symptoms with beta blockers. I never did take the antithyroid meds again. Any way, I’ll keep you in my thoughts, wishing you the best results.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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