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    Hi. I have graves disease and have read all the preceding messages. One comment that stood out was the one about a child with gray hair. My daughter is 7 and has a few gray hairs already. Is this something I should be worried about? I was a little concerned when I first noticed them, but I forgot about it until I read these messages. Will someone let me know if I should do something about my daughters gray hairs.

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    Here’s a little info on grey hair,
    Grey hair is caused by the absence of hair pigment in the cortical layer,
    (the middle or inner layer which gives strength and elasticity to the hair)
    It is really mottled hair–spots of white or whitish yellow scattered
    about in the hair shafts(portion of hair above the skin surface).

    In most cases, the greying of hair is a result of the natural aging process,
    and is not related to the hair’s texture or growth.
    Grey hair can also happen as a result of illness, or nervous shock.
    An early diminishing of the pigment brought on by emotional tensions also
    may cause hair to turn grey.
    Premature greying in a young person is usually the result of a defect in
    pigment formation occurring at birth, It is often found that several
    members of a family are affected with premature grey hair.

    Most of us with GD know that any disturbance of the Endocrine glands
    may affect the health of our body’s and, ultimately, the health of our hair.

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    Hi all,

    Here’s hoping this day finds you healty and happy. I have noticed a trend in
    questions since this BB has started and I also think we are providing a ton of
    valuable information to folks with GD. I can’t spend as much time as I used to
    on the BB but I read it many times a day when I get a chance. I have more or less
    taken Nancy’s approach to answering questions (many at one time) so here goes.

    1. Isolation after RAI. The amount of radiation you take really determines the
    amount of time and distance you need to keep away from family members. Most folks
    seem to get between 10 and 16 milicuries. This is a very safe dose. I have talked
    to the nuke docs and they said any thing under 24 mc can be done out-patiant.
    However some docs and families go overboard (in my opinion) on how far to keep away
    and time. I know of a recent case where a four year old girl was given 6 mc and
    was put in isolation in a lead lined room. I had 12.5 and was sent home. See my point?
    Talk to your doc and see what they recommend. You CAN’T go wrong being over cautious
    but you can be wrong by not being cautious enough.

    2. Which eye is the buggiest. I must admit I find this extreamly funny (Graves humor), but
    somehow have wondered this for years. There is literature on RAI and eye involvement in our
    bulletins listed in the NGDF home page. They are all very well written. I had serious eye
    involvement and had the RAI and my eyes got worse. Had I had the literature to base my
    dicision on I would have had the surgery. But I still belive RAI is the best option and I
    don’t regret my choice. I would have just made a different one. The biggest error we can
    make is to try to push our docs into an early intervention with the progression of the eye
    disease. The eye disease has to run it’s course before surgeries begin unless there is nerve
    problems or other reasons to do so. A good baseline is a must because a problem can creep up
    over a period of time and you do not notice it and the doc will see a difference in you baseline
    exams. Or you could be like me and one day WHOOMP there it is ddouble vvision. No warning no

    3. Gray hair!! Got me! My son has vitiligo and started to go gray at 9. We are taking him
    in on the 19 for a baseline blood test for thyroid levels, thyroid antibodies, pancratic antibodies
    and all the other good stuff. Overkill? Not in my eyes. I would rather have my child tested (he
    is 17) and have something to check it against latter. I myself am dying my hairs gray one at a time
    and when they get looking just like I want them I will stop.

    4. Sleep Apnea. Good question. I have it but have had it for years. Had surgery 12 years ago for
    it (pallet resection with reconstruction, tonsels, adnoids, and turbinades). Helped alot but not
    related to GD. Just passing on the info.

    5. Please, please please, take the time to read the frequently asked questions in the NGDF home page.
    also please read as many posts as you can for information. YOu will see a pattern on questions
    that have been asked and answered before. They will be of great help in knowing what is going on
    and will hopefully answer a lot of your questions. The NGDF is a non profit education organization
    for GD. We will try and answer any and all questions but we have seen many of the same questions
    asked over and over hence the frequently asked questions part of our home page.

    6. Copyrights!!! Folks we have to be very carefull. The NGDF does not have a team of lawyers to
    fight off copyright infringments. We must be carefull how meds are named, doctors and talked about
    and how we quote out of books. Nancy has said it before we could get into heaps and gobs of trouble.
    I am the BB police and this is a warning ticket. I try to nip it in the bud but sometimes it is hard.
    There are only so many drugs used for GD and I think we can use them by name but we cannot say what is
    preferable over another. Gives the impression of an endorsement. We need a discussion of meds and
    their effects and in most cases the answers have been well written and the bottom line is when someone
    give an opinion it is an opinion not medical fact and that is OK and welcomed! Contact your pharamacy
    for techincal questions. You will find them a wealth of knowledge.

    7. Troll Hair. Keep them coming. Anything we can do to make ourselves feel better about ourselves is
    worth it’s weight in gold. Now I will throw in my two cents. Does anyone know about using the mane and
    tail products (yes for horses) for your hair. It is suspossed to be excellect and very mild.

    Well got to go. Talk to you all tomorrow night on the CHAT line.

    on-line facilitator

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    SOMEWHERE I ran across a note that abundant antioxidants prevent gray hair, and if the gray hair is not too “old”, can be reversed by adding them. I wish I could remember where I heard that. I am 50 and have just a couple gray hairs at my temples, and they seem to be going away, but then I have cornered the market on carrot juice and vit C. Karen b

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    Yes, my niece just got a horse for her birthday and there is a mane and
    tail product for horses that is supposed to be great for human hair too.
    I’ll check it out further.

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    The Mane ‘n Tail products are wonderful! I use the shampoo and the leave in conditioner and I now have a full mane!

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