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      For anyone else reading this, just as an overview of my problem…It was STRONGLY suggested that I pull out of my house for three days after my RAI treatment due to the possibility that members of my family might be exposed to radiation. I had to live in a motel for three days; just an added expense and quite depressing. I have three kids, the youngest being just 7 months. It was hard.

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        Somewhere on the WWW I read that when a person stands next to someone who
        has had an average dose of RAI, it’s like they’re standing in the sun for
        a day or something like that. It’s the same amount of radiation as going
        to the beach. This website (I wish I could remember which on it was) said
        that it’s highly unlikely that anyone could be harmed by it. However, with
        small children, especially babies, they’re more sensitive to it and could
        develop thyroid problems because of it. Erring on the side of caution is
        probably the best, unfortunately. I hope your RAI makes you feel great.
        Then it will be worth it. :-) I would gladly put up with just about
        anything if it will help me feel better than I do right now… Hang in there.


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          Thanks for the encouragement. I was really upset at the time; even through some fits. However, I have now come to realize that it wasn’t all that bad. I did get to sleep in! And yes, it is better to be cautious, especially whem dealing with radiation exposure and especially around babies. My Grave’s doesn’t appear to be nearly as bad as I have been reading here (yet) so I should be greatful.

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            to all of you wondering about rai treatment so was i, its been almost 4

            months since treatment , i was starting to worry if this was going to work ,

            well it does, getting stronger, and my endo was against me going for rai, thank god

            i didn’t listen to him, and yes rai treatment is the way to go. I hope this may

            help some of you, who are still deciding which way to go.

            thank you , Steve

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