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      Hi Justin! Welcome to the BB! You are among friends. The best way to read about other people’s experiences with GD is to visit Dianne’s home page at:

      There are many stories and many links.

      Take Care, Debby

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        Hi Justin!
        I know the feeling, I’ve had GD for more then 3 years and still haven’t
        met anyone personally with the same thing.
        It is through this BB that I feel I can get some comfort from people
        who understand.
        I’m not sure either about the correct TSH levels(mine is constantly changing!)
        It is probably on the BB somewhere:)
        All the best,

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          Welcome Justin! I lived in a remote area of Texas and didn’t seem many
          people much less anybody with graves. I live in Michigan now. This BB
          helps a whole lot. I asked my doctor about normal levels. He said that
          you need to be carefull about what is “normal” in the drug books. Each
          laboratory uses different reagents to process the TSH test, the range of
          “normal” may be different from lab to lab….hope this helps..Carolyn

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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