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      Hey Jake

      Annette told us last night that the server is now up to about 3000 hits a day. Wild, huh?

      Glad to hear you’re getting the problem worked out


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        Hi all,

        Thanks for your offers of support on my internet bill. I hope I did not come
        across as begging money. I have another provider lined up if my carrier does
        not come through. What we are working on is Baush and Lomb is working on
        getting us an 800 number for Nancy and an additional 800 line for me. My carrier
        had high prices (at first) and now has the same prices everyone else is offering.
        The initial cost for set up was high and I was charged an hourly rate until
        they came up with a local access number in my area. I would prefer to keep my
        current carrier since about a million people have my current e-mail address
        and it is on a mailing list to about 10,000 people. Getting a new carrier is
        not a problem. Getting my new address out to everyone is a logistical nightmare.
        I provided my carrier the name of the guy at Bausch and Lomb to see if they could
        be the provider of the 800 number as opposed to someone else. Good chance at
        advertising. We have between 600 to 2000 hits a day. And I was looking for the
        carrier to advertise on Archie and Annette’s support group page. They provide this
        service for us for free and are looking for companies to advetise on their site.
        Archie and Annette do great things for us and I was asking for them since they
        won’t ask. If my carrier drops me off I will not be off-line for long. It is
        a principle thing with me. I asked and got a yes answer and now no one seems to
        know who sent the yes answer. They are tracking it down. Talk to you latter.


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