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      Hey buddy,
      Say what they want, we are NOT immagining our pains. Instead of calling the thyroid foundation try NGDF next time, they were SO wonderul at answering my questions. I got to talk to “Dr. Nancy” She was GREAT.
      Look this diseas is putting our whole bodies into real fits.
      If you do not like your doctor, or he seems to not want to help with various problems try checking out the NGDF advisory board for a doctor nearest you. I’m sure that if the nearest is not very near he or she will be glad to tell you of some collegues who have particullar interest in Grave’s.
      I tell you some of the post I read show me how really blessed I am I used my regular GP (actually my hubby’s DR) I went to him the FIRST time and he was able to put two and two together without drawing blood just by my symptoms. of course he wound up drawing the blood to confirm his suspssions.
      I really am Blessed to have found such an MD!

      Chear up, or try to, it’s hard GOD I KNOW


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