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      and you have a right to be pissed because you have been given mis-information. Gail Deevers had a very rare side effect caused by RAI. The name of it is leukocytoclastic vasculitis. It affected the skin and circualtion on her feet and legs primarily and yes, the doctors were on the verge of amputating her feet! Since this side effect is so rare it was not immediately identified. Fortunately some good doctor recognized it for what it was. Please note: this information come directly from the runner herself! I heard her speak 2 years ago and this issue was raised by a member of the audience. Tell the Thyroid Foundation to go take a powder – or better, they can dose themselves with RAI. Dermatologists are familiar with various types of vasculitis so you may want to find a good one and mention the term leukocytoclastic vasculitis.

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