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      Dear Wanda:}
      Well congradulations there Wanda,I’m so happy to see you on your way now, you gave us all a scare I think,at least you did me for sure I have been following your postings and I was abit worried about you girl. Don’t worry if it’s meant to be I ‘m sure you & hubby will work it all out in due time and that I think Wanda is the key to it all is time Wanda,it takes time to heal and time to trust again and then some time for your disease and don’t forget your well being time either Wanda,well take care I just wanted to let you Know we’re rooting for you here at the board and yes we care awhole lot about you,and if you ever need to talk you can e-mail me at anytime Wanda,take care of yourself now ok? Little warrior Barb

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        You sure sound like a warrior to me! I know how hard it is to fight this thing, especially when you didn’t know that was what was causing the craziness to start with! We’ve had our share of marital problems too and went to counseling. It definitely helped plus me just stabilizing on the PTU. Now if I start sounding irrational again he knows that maybe I’m getting hyper again. It took him a while to be convinced of that.

        Believe me, once your husband understands better he’ll becomes a warrior too!

        Hope things get better for you real soon. We’ll be here foryou.

        A fellow warrior,


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          HI Emily
          Sad thing is hes a doctor. And now I am more educated about some of the things about graves than he is.
          It seems like if he cared he’d read this board with me but his screw up at the office has taken precedence<sp?>.
          Thank you for your support,

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