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      Hi, It’s me, the survey compiler. But please remember, this survey is
      for you and for our children and for countless others we haven’t met.
      So when you who have GD and have been treated for it respond to this
      survey you are possibly helping many. Thank you for your participation.

      You can access the questions and respond to them with a push button
      submission form at

      Now when I enter the last few entries I’ve received, I think we will be
      at 100. What are some of the % questions you are curious about?
      For a start, I thought I’d figure how many gained versus lost
      weight…that’s always a topic that gets our attention.
      What else? Where do we live? All you dear Canadians lumped together
      that hasn’t been fair, though I have noted
      provinces when they have been included.
      Anyway…keep the survey responses coming, Thanks!


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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