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      Dear Paranoia,

      I have been coming to this BB since July 1997. I also enjoy the new insights and exchange of ideas. The thing I liked best was when my initial question got answered and I found out I was not crazy. Since then I have visited here everyday! Yep, I got addicted to this thing! Now for someone who does not soap operas I feel that I visit one everyday!
      <Big Smile> Please understand that I am also a character in this thing because I read the BB everyday. I also post too!

      It takes courage to change so if someone does rip your post or anothers post, shake it off and keep your head in the game. That is what I tell my kids. The idea of a support group is for support so take what you want and leave the rest.

      In the beginning I was kinda afraid to post. I was afraid that I might be crazy or just to sensative! And I really did not want that to be validated!

      Oh since I am taking up posting space I have been wanting to share a web site that I found on the internet about Prednisone. I gave a copy of it to my HMO patient assistance lady and to the pharmacy since the doctor sent me to the shrink and the pharmacy was unaware of the fatigue that could result from coming off prednisone to fast!

      Michele B.

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