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      My dr. made it seem simple too. As near as I can tell, I probably had symptoms for 3-4 years; diagnosed as everything from anxiety attacks to pre-and post menopause symptoms. I did have RAI and actually haven’t any complaints about that part except that they had to do it twice. I was told if I was not post-menopause that there could be problems-suggest you get in-depth answers from your dr.
      My biggest problem is getting Dr. to arrive at “right” dosage of replacement hormone. When it is low, and also after I had the RAI I was very, very depressed, but that is much better the closer I get to a correct dosage. Boy if it’s low I know it! Since I had severe symptoms for so long, I think I will know if I get too much; The more I read and the more I visit this site, the more I am finding out there’s just about nothing simple about Graves.
      Don’t be afraid to ask for several medical opinions about treatment.

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