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      Hi Elizabeth,

      Welcome to the Graves’ Disease Bulletin Board. I wanted you to
      know that I did read your post. Things don’t sound like they are
      going so good for you right now. All the things that you said in
      your post I would mention to the doctor when you go back in. I
      mean everything including how you do need a support system right
      now. You are not well and have the children to care for too.

      Since you seem to be on your own with these symptoms now I would
      even take daily notes on how you are doing. Gosh, when I had the
      shakes bad I don’t think I could have taken any notes.

      I was blessed that my husband took over everything when I was
      not well. Heck, we didn’t even realize how sick I was though
      until I went to the doctor because of my heart skipping.

      I hope the doctor is able to set you up with some type of support.
      Even for me now with my Fibromyalgia (another autoimmune problem)
      the nurse said I can call her about anything.

      I wish you a speedy recovery and pray your doctor can address
      all your symptoms. Since your eyes are already effected I would
      also ask him if he knows about the treatments currently used so
      as to prevent more eye problems.

      Good Luck,
      Michele B.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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