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      “Liz’s mom” and Bobbi point out an interesting problem we get ourselves
      into with language; talking about one thing that sounds like something else.
      Of course you are likely to “go hypo” after RAI or surgery and you can
      get there from antithyroid drugs, or other thyroid problems too.
      The point is that it isn’t good to remain there, unmonitored and
      unregulated by appropriate doses of synthetic hormone. In other words,
      rather than be allowed to manifest all the symptoms and do some of the
      damage not having sufficient hormone can do, there are protocols for
      easing us to euthyroid states.

      Our discussions of not being left hypo are not in any way to suggest
      that people who feel RAI is their best treatment choice should avoid
      it because they will then be hypo…it is about how one’s hyponess resulting ffrom
      treatment is managed. It isn’t a choice between choosing one or
      the other either, neither is a long term option cocnsistent with health.
      People who have less gland and are on synthetic are not hypo functionally,
      just like me, who has antibodies still attacking the gland…but I am not functionally hyper because
      anti-thyroid is controlling my blood levels.

      Now, if I am lucky, this is more clear than it appeared before, not less.
      Hope springs eternal. Jeannette

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