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      Barbara Bush’s dog had another autoimmune disease, but not Graves. It
      was her husband who got the Graves.

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        Part 2 regarding cats and hyperthyroidsim

        Medical treatment is possible with the antithyroid drug Tapazole. This is a cost-effective way to manage the problem; however, the problem returns if the medicine is stopped. also, it can be difficult to get some cats to take the medication. Side effects from the medicine occur occasionally and treatment may need to be stopped.

        Surgical removal of the gland is a popular treatment because it removes the underlying problem. If the total gland is removed, a replacement hormone may be needed. Other surgical complications can develop, too.

        Radioactive iodine treatment, which is most often used to treat humans with this discorder, is a safe and effective treatment in felines. It requires no anesthesia, sedation or surgery. The availability of this treatment is limited in many parts of this country, and cost may be prohibitive (&800-$1500) for some owners. (Dr Dan Marshall of Cats Veterinary Clinic in Mt clemns offers this treatment)

        Hyperthroidism, the most common endocrine disease in cats, is frequently seen in cats 10 years and older. The diagnosis can most easily be made by blood screening. Many animal hospitals now routinely test for this on a yearly basis. As with other diseases. early diagnosis leads to better treatment options.”

        Questions to Dr Jeff L Rothestein should be add
        ressed to…and then gives the address of ELM animal hospitalin Roseville Mi> I’m sure they mean questions to be answered on topics for a newpaper article, not specifics on cat hyperthyroidism.

        I found the article to be quite informative, and also, I think we’ve heard the treatment options in another form, eh?
        Sorry for the looks of this page. For some reason the message box on my screen don’t allow a word wrap feature, if anyone knows how to keep the words visible in word wrap form, please let me know. Shift enter didn’t do it, and I have no idea how t
        he page will look, and my typing is not perfect, so off screen it becomes uncorrectable! K PS, my 2 cats are 20 and do not have hyperthroidism.

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          Hello, My name is Diana. I just found out a little over a week ago
          that I have Graves’. I am a little freaked. Well okay alot. Anyway,
          I would like to meet so other people with this disease. I am 26, and
          living in Tacoma WA. Please E-mail me or post a message to me.
          Thank you, Diana (AKA LIONESS)

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            Believe it or not, even this subject has been covered at our annual conference! We hav a vet talk about thyroid disease in animals. It was the most interesting talk, partly due to the cute cat slides, and she was a axcellent, knowledgable and articulate speaker. I asm trying to figure out a way to bring old tapes to the Colorado conference, and maybe we can have one room be the tape viewing room (for the real die hards!) I will be rafting!

            Nancy P

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