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      My mother gained nearly 50 lbs with her hyperthyroidism. She was very
      ill and really had a rough time of it. She had her first RAI – which
      worked for awhile but didn’t take afterall – after her
      second RAI she started feeling better and after her meds were regulated
      she started losing alittle at a time. She’s found that diet and exercise
      are the only things that work for her. Now (after 6 years) she’s got
      her routine down, watches fat intake & exercises atleast 4 days per

      Now I’m hyperthyroid,and I’m wondering if that’s the reason I haven’t
      been able to take my pregnancy weight off? I don’t feel good enough to
      work-out anymore so I am expecting some weight gain. My RAI is in 2
      weeks, I’m scared but looking forward to it too, looking forward to
      feeling better.

      Take-care and good luck!

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        I was just diagnosed with hyper last week. I have lost 13 lbs. but I am
        petrified that the Tapazole will make me gain weight. Did the drug
        cause your weight gain. Does it make you hungry? Does exercise
        work? The md said that I may have to have RAI in the future. The
        weight gain potential has me running scared. I hate taking these drugs,
        Inderal included, but I feel so terrible without them. 7 weeks ago, I
        was working out in the gym 5 times per week and now its hard to get
        out of the darn bed!!!!!!Boy, do I wish that I could turn back the clock.
        Good luck to you.

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          Hi SueC – My daughter also was one of the unlucky ones who put on
          weight before her GD diagnosis. In fact the Dr. thought she was hypo
          when she sent Lisa for her bloodwork because of the weight gain. After
          RAI the problem continued. It has now been 2 1/2 years since RAI
          and her weight is more normal. She does work at it though. She has
          just been diagnosed as hypoglycemic so the weight is an issue
          again. It remains to be seen what will happen as she changes her diet
          but for the time being she is feeling good about her weight. Hang in
          there and good luck!


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            I’ve been reading BB for a few weeks hoping to hear the same problem I hac
            When I was told that my thyroid was malfunctioning, I went home and read some
            books – yes sir a 20lb weight gain and still gaining, it had to be hypo –
            when Dr. called with blood work, and said I was very serious with hyper,
            and I was in bad shape. Then after RAI another 40lbs – I’ve lost some but
            I still gain, I’ll take it off in the next few month (some weight that is)
            this was a few hundred moons ago- If anyone else gained as a symptom of Hyper
            let me know.
            I wish I had words of wisdom to help some of you through this rough time,
            all I can say is you are midst friends here.

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