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      Dear Catherine, It isn’t the tapazole that makes you gain weight. While hyper you can burn up alot of fat and calories. As Tapazole brings your hormone levels down you don’t use all the calories, reduce them and you will do fine. besides, as levels come down so will your appetite. Make all food count as good nutrition or else a sure fire treat. Good luck. jeannette

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        Yes Susie,

        I put on 17 lbs while I was hyper. I suspected my thyroid was overactive
        in October–fast heart rate, hot, hungry. I ate 4 bags of M&M’s a day
        and sometimes a half box of cereal after dinner. I didn’t start gaining
        weight until December. By Feb., I had gained 17 lbs, so I knew I wasn’t
        hyper. Well, I almost passed out after taking a walk and a co-worker suggested
        I get to a doctor. I did, was diagnosed, and I had gained weight from being

        Interesting, when I take Tapazole I lose weight. It’s like a weird diet pill.
        I have no appetite, paticularly when my dosage is too high.

        Linda T.

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          Hi I’m hypo right now and cannot gain weight! I have to get tested on monday
          to see if I’m back to normal, I think GD affects everyone differently
          no matter what I eat no weight goes on, and when I go hyper, and I do
          sometimes, just like a roller coaster! it’s pretty scary stuff.people
          always think your healthy when you have a little extra weight on!

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            Thanks for your words of wisdom. I really needed someone
            to calm me down with this weight thing. I need to forget about it
            and just eat good like I used to beore hyper. I know what to do, I just
            have to do it. I feel so out of control, like I am gonig to gain 50 lbs.
            I will start thinking positive right now and not worry myself to death
            about weight gain. Thanks for your support. Catherine

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              I wish I could experience some of this weight LOSS from Grave’s and the
              tapazole. I’m not. Just a weight GAIN and always wanting to eat. I think
              there is a misconception that goes along with being hyper (you should be
              thin). Are there different degrees of Graves or do some people just
              experience it differently. – thanks, Jan

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                Several years ago I was told that I had GD and was given very little info on the subject.
                I took the pills for 18 months then went off them. I haven’t taken any medication for
                8 months now a feel pretty good. Blood test show acceptable levels at present.Please tell me what
                I should expect next as I understand that GD will never just go away.I gained 45 pounds while I was hyper
                Can I expect to gain more now?Will my eyes get worst? Any info will be appreciated.

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                  Hi all!

                  Anyone gaining weight PLEASE send it this way! My friends are saying that I could hide behind a street lamp pole. I’m trying to increase the amount of healthy fat in my diet, but since I’m still having a hard time eating, I don’t know what to eat. I’m losing about 2 or 3 pounds a week. Since October, I’ve lost 20 pounds. I didn’t know I had that weight to lose. I’ve always been thin, but this is ridiculous.

                  Oh! And you can send some of your extra snow this way, too. I haven’t seen snow since 1993, I think, when I was in college. I miss it. :-)

                  Thanks, Caroline

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                    I gained 40 lbs with very serious hyper too. Then after RAI and hypo lost 35lb. in a month and a half. Now my whole metabolism has changed and I weigh 55lb. more than I have my entire adult life. Cannot lose it!!–Kendra

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                      Hi Caroline! I wish I could Email you the 60lbs I have put on. If
                      I could be guranted that you would keep it, I could make a
                      fortune with a huge garage sale of clothes to fit all that fat,
                      I wore the same size for thirty years. Now I have a closet full
                      of every size from size 10 to 20 and all colors of nothing I can
                      wear because it’s all to small AGAIN!! It’s time to go shopping
                      again. You can have absolute delight eating lemon cream pie and
                      us fattys gain weight just thinking about it. Enjoy one
                      for us .OK! Margie

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                        Weight control has always taken effort on my part, as I’ve always been an “easy keeper”. The changes in appetite/metabolism/fluid retention of Graves’ Disease and all the changes in thyroid levels played havoc with my normal weight, and diet and exercise habits. I really don’t know why I gained 10 pounds when hyper (and more hypo) but would gladly donate it to Caroline, too. . .Before GD, I could “listen” to what my body wanted to take in and control my weight that way, but that mechanism has been whacked out for a long time now.

                        I read something once that has helped me a lot, and I’d like to share it. The calories in just one soft drink a day will add ten pounds to a person’s body weight in a years’ time (if the diet otherwise is equal to calorie burn). In two years, that will mean a gain of 20 pounds, and if we want to continue in our habits, you can see the writing on the wall. Conversely, cutting out the equivalent from an otherwise adequate calorie intake will take OFF those 10 pounds in a year, and on down the road. So really, there isn’t necessarily much difference between the eating habits of a fat or a thin person. Now, add the effects of increased exercise to this (say, cut out that beer :( and burn up 150 calories in exercise), and we can lose 10 pounds in six months, etc.
                        Hope this helps someone.
                        Dianne N

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                          Caroline –

                          It seems that we are on the opposite sides of the world. I’ve gained at least 20 lbs. since October and am not enjoying the 10 in. of snow on the groung in Chicago. I shouldn’t complain, I could be living in Upper NY or Minnesota!

                          Good luck and I hope that you do better!


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                            Weight gain problems are the worst!! Absolutely impossible to get off.
                            Right now my diet consists of:
                            Breakfast 1 or 2 cups of coffee with half n half
                            Lunch – Large salad of only non-starchy veggies and diet dressing
                            Supper – small amt of meat and 1 non starchy vegetable
                            The only beverages are coffee, tea (rarely), water, diet soda.
                            All non-caloric
                            Not gaining and definitely not losing.
                            Where else can I cut???
                            This from a person who used to be able to eat 6 meals a day and weighed
                            46 1/2 lbs. — age 12.
                            Now 155 on two meals a day.
                            Same body — same disease.
                            OF course, we are all told that thyroid doesn’t affect our weight.
                            If anybody finds a diet that works — pass it on.

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                              Hi Joan! Sorry you are having such a hard time with weight. I just
                              a couple of thoughts about what you are doing now, if all you are
                              eating is what you listed on the bb. I have heard that our metabolism
                              will adjust to our intake. Your intake is so low, your metabolism may
                              have adjusted to it. One approach is to change (increase) your meta-
                              bolism by excercise. It isn’t a lot of fun, but it can help. If your
                              dr. gives the OK, you might start building up your excercise routine.
                              Good luck! Barb
                              PS – don’t forget to eat fruit! :-)

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                                Hi Caroline.

                                I know how alarming rapid weight loss can be as I have Crohn’s disease also and have a flare usually about twice a year – at least that has been the course for the last 20.
                                There are numerous high caloric drinks out there – Ensure, Sustacal, etc. I use Ensure – 350 calories in a little tiny can. Works great when you can’t tolerate solid food. It doesn’t taste that great but taste takes a back seat when you’re trying to maintain nutrients and daily caloric intake to keep from wasting away. I just keep a can going and sip on it very slowly most of the day. Since they came out with the stuff, I have been able to maintain my normal weight give or take 5 lbs. through an exacerbation. I used to drop 20 lbs without batting an eye! Weight problems whether gaining or losing is still a weight problem and can be frightening not to mention life threatening when it’s a weight loss. Hope this helps. Claudia

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                                  Hey! I have gained 65 pounds since July 1996! I thought I was the only
                                  person who was getting fat with this disease! I know how you feel. I
                                  am very depressed ans alone with this. Who the Hell can afford all these
                                  new clothes?? I wish there was a magic cure. I even quit eating. No
                                  results. My doctor won’t give my diet pills. I am even thinking about
                                  going to the streets for a drug that will help me lose. All I can tell
                                  you is that you just have to join an exercise club, and stick with it.
                                  Sleeping alot doesn’t help this at all. I feel for you. I really do.

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