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      HI Kathleen
      Thank you alot. I feel that in taking my time< I am on ATDS and beta blockers but dont consider it aggressive treatment> I can really choose what is best for me. I’m just a little shorty so any amount of weight I gain at all is gonna show up. I got to the point where my hubby thought I was anorexic but still did nothing to see about my health. WARNING! Do not marry a doctor..they dont listen.
      I”m having a hard enough time keping him from looking at the younger girls now so I can imagine what will happen when I go hypo.
      I sort of got into the habit of rationalizing my bad eating habits once I was diagnosed since I was burning it off so fast. Its time to start eating like I was before I was diagnosed and not worry if I lose anymore since I know it wil come right back.
      Funny thing is I gained alot of weight right before graves too. Makes you wonder.
      Thank you for helping me,

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