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      Hi Elaine, I had taken anti-thyroid drugs for nine months when my eyes went wacky. I stayed on the drugs as my eyes became the central problem with my graves. I was on the same dose for almost 4 years. When the eyes settled down some I had the RAI. After RAI I became increasingly hyper and the anti-thyroid dose kept increasing with it. After a year my levels quit going up but did not go down. Also three months after RAI my eyes started to swell again. So we just waited it out. Fifteen months after RAI my levels started to drop and my TSH finally came up to the lowest normal level and I stopped the drugs. So far so good. A week ago I had my second cataract removed and as soon as that it all healed and settled I will have the surgery for the double vision which I’ve had for five years now. Not everyone takes this long or stays hyper so long after RAI. My doctor jokes that anything that can go wrong with this disease finds me. He doesn’t think this remission will last long either but I’m sure enjoying it while
      it’s here. Hope you are feeling better soon. I would have done RAI after one year on the drugs except the eye disease complicated things.

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