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      I am also dealing with TED (Thyroid Eye Disease) since July ’97.
      In August’97 my eyes were radiated and I was given steroids short term.
      In December I had eye lid surgery but my lids have since retracted
      How do I deal with all the discomfort? I had plugs put into the major
      duct of each eye and use various eye drops (your sister’s doctor should
      recommend a type to use) to help protect the eyes from dryness. The head
      of our bed has been raised (4″ or more) to keep the swelling down at        
      night and I put an ointment in my eyes before going to bed. (Again the
      doctor should recommend the right ointment for your sister.) My eyes are
      very sensitive to light so I wear dark glasses. My vision changes almost
      daily. What I have learned and what my doctors tell me (I also have
      Graves disease) is patience and exercise – TiChi is good for Graves’.
      TED is a nasty disease and your sister is going through a terrible time.
      I see my doctor tomorrow about my lids. I hope this info helped a little.

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        I have just found this Web site and wonder if anyone has some advice to
        offer. My sister has been troubled with eye problems related to Graves’
        disease for more than 2 years now – swollen eyes, redness, pain, double
        vision etc. In the fall, the symptons became much worse and, in
        December, she had radiation treatment. Initially, there was a fair
        amount of relief but just after Christmas, things were worse than ever:
        tremendous pain, swelling, blisters, very bad vision. She was then
        treated with a very strong dose of steroids, which helped a lot. The
        day after she stopped taking steroids, her eyes started to get very
        bad again. So, now she’s back on steroids. I am very concerned about
        all she has been through and would love to hear from anyone who has
        had a similar experience. This is such a life affecting problem –
        any hints on how to cope and what to do for someone who has to deal
        with it? Thank you very much.

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